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Become a Catalyst of change by volunteering at our youth center, in our professional development programs, internships, or events.

Become a Catalyst of change by helping us fund our youth center and other vital programs that serve Oakland youth and help create positive change.

Become a Catalyst of change by following us on social media, our newsletter etc. Help us spread the word about the important work we are doing!

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About Us

What Catalyst Does

Catalyst Youth Network is committed to empowering the youth of Oakland by providing those who are often the furthest away from resources, with vital services and opportunities they need.


Our Youth Center is a secure and nurturing environment that is staffed by compassionate mentors and offers access to mental health resources, as well as opportunities for leadership development and positive peer interactions. 


Our Career Bridge programs provide economic opportunities, including paid internships, job training, resume writing, and assistance with finding employment.

Our Approach

We take an in-depth and holistic look at the needs of each student. We collaborate with them to help identify the concerns, priorities, and goals they have, and develop a tailored plan to coordinate appropriate support and resources.

We are devoted to helping our students long-term, even after they leave for college. We continue to work with them through the early stages of their careers

Our program framework and methodology are “Evidence-Based” it is informed by research and evidence. Our programs have been designed to help lead students toward positive life outcomes based on an alchemy of research, evidence, lived experience, youth voices, and our team’s expertise.

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