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Your gift is an investment in the youth of Oakland. It enables us to help students navigate their journey from High School to College or Career by connecting them with well trained mentors that give them the tools, resources, and ongoing support they need to reach their full potential.

Become a PATRON

$15/ Month

The Gift of a Mentor

This gift will enable us to have regular meetings with our youth to check in and see how they’re doing, if they are reaching their goals, or if they need help with any resources they don’t currently have. 

Become a SPONSOR

$50/ Month

The Gift of Opportunity

This gift allows us to connect our youth with internship and job-shadowing opportunities in their community, so they have a chance to build confidence and to discover what career fields would be a good fit for them.


$100/ Month

The Gift of Resources

This gift helps us to equip our youth with the practical resources and connections they need to get into the college or trade school they’d like to pursue, and also enables us to connect youth to outside professional resources they may need to overcome their circumstances.

Become an INVESTOR

$250+/ Month

The Gift of Deep Roots

This gift enables us to invest in the future of our organization. This will enable us to grant our youth scholarships for their future plans, as well as increase our team in number and training. We plan to grow our roots deep in Oakland, and build the necessary partnerships and infrastructure we need to serve Oakland’s youth for years to come!