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Summer Internships

Our Summer Internship Programs are well on their way! In partnership with Career Bridge Academy and Boost @ Berkeley Haas we have connected 24 local students with 5 different paid internships this Summer.

One of those programs is an entrepreneurial internship created and run by our Catalyst team, where we have students creating an actual apparel business from the ground up.

Our students are learning from expert guests about creating a brand, writing and implementing a business plan, developing a product from concept to completion, including delivery, marketing, and sales strategies to help them sell their product.

Their final product: a brand that highlights civic pride for the Bay Area and Oakland, Hella Twn (pronounced "town") Apparel. "Hella" is a slang word that originated in Oakland in the 1970’s and is now in the Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries. To our students, it represents Bay Area youth culture and community pride.

Buy a Tee or Hoodie

Please check out and buy our student’s merchandise.

Represent the Bay by wearing a Hella Twn Apparel tee or hoodie!

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