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Summer Internships

 Introduction: Bridging the Gap to Future Careers 

At Catalyst Youth Network, our Career Bridge program is dedicated to creating equal career opportunities for the youth of Oakland. We are working hard to ensure that every young person in our community has a fair and equitable chance to succeed. By building inclusive professional networks, providing paid internships, and offering career coaching, we construct bridges of opportunity that pave the way for a brighter future. Join us in our mission to transform lives and strengthen our community, one career at a time

Program Overview

Career Bridge is a program run by Catalyst Youth Network, designed to empower Oakland’s youth by providing them with equal career opportunities. Our program focuses on three core initiatives:

  • Job Training/Workforce Development: We offer comprehensive training to equip young individuals with essential workplace skills.

  • Paid Internships: We provide valuable real-world experience through paid internships, ensuring accessibility and equity for all participants.

  • Career Coaching: Our volunteer Career Coaches offer personalized guidance to help each young person navigate their career path and overcome challenges.

These initiatives collectively help build bridges between youth and their future careers. they also help promote the creation of inclusive professional networks, equipping young individuals with the skills, connections, and confidence they need to thrive in their careers. Join us in building bridges of opportunity and shaping a brighter future for Oakland’s youth.

Image by Tyler Casey

History of Career Bridge

Career Bridge has been helping bridge the gap between youth and their future careers for over 10 years. Career Bridge has prepared over 500 youth through comprehensive workforce training that focuses on both soft and hard skills, mentoring, coaching, and paid internships.


Career Bridge as an idea was founded  by Margena Wade-Green (one of our founding Board Members) while she was working at Cal Trans as a community and educational outreach manager. In 2013 she was recruited to start this program at Children Rising an oakland non-profit serving children in Oakland. their founder Randy Roth recruited Margena to leave cal trans to come work there and develop the career bridge program. 

Since the inception of Catalyst Youth Network we have had a strategic partnership with the Children Rising and in particular the Career Bridge Program. In the Summer of 2023 the 10 year anniversary of Career Bridge, Catalyst has taken over the running and administration of the program. 

Helping increase economic opportunity has always been a core focus of Catalyst Youth Network. We are incredibly excited to continue to carry the baton and honor the legacy and vision of Career Bridge. 

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