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Image by Jan Senderek






We see a world where every young person has the same access to the opportunities and resources that they need to find success. 



To develop a centralized network of service providers and resources for the youth of Oakland, and provide each child in need with holistic and tailored solutions that will help them achieve their dreams.



We recognize there is a lack of socioeconomic and educational equity that affects the youth in our city. We seek to restore these social disparities among our youth with opportunities and resources necessary for them to become successful adults. We believe this work is an essential part of restoring social justice in our city.


We value diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, perspective and life experience. We believe that we are made better as individuals and an organization by embracing and celebrating diversity on every level. We know that everyone is valuable and worthy of service and dignity regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.


We strive to show empathy in working with our youth, while assisting in areas of their specific needs and promoting their ownership in finding solutions. We center those we serve as people with dignity, and not projects. We speak to their humanity in everything we are doing to serve them.


We greatly value partnerships with schools and other community organizations. We believe that partnership has the ability to exponentially increase the opportunities and impact for students in their community. 


We believe that the most effective youth mentoring requires consistency and trust. We realize and embrace this crucial part of our work in order to make a genuine and lasting impact in the lives of our youth. 


We affirm the value of humility and the role it plays in authentic relational intervention with youth. We realize the need to show flexibility in our approach and an attitude of humility in order to truly understand how we can best meet the needs of our youth. 

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