How to donate to Catalyst Youth Network with every Amazon purchase

If you’re already using Amazon to buy stuff online, why not use AmazonSmile instead? When you shop through AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase to the nonprofit of your choice. It’s a quick and easy way to make a difference while you shop!

All donations help fund our internship and mentorship programs, upcoming youth center, and other youth development services that aim to work against the racial and economic disparities that affect the youth of Oakland.

Below we’ll show you how to set up AmazonSmile on your computer or mobile device (through the Amazon Shopping app).

How to set it up on your computer

  1. Go to AmazonSmile ( in your web browser and log into your Amazon account

  2. Add Catalyst Youth Network as your charity

  3. Order through the AmazonSmile page to donate automatically with every purchase

Note: After setting up, be sure to bookmark the AmazonSmile page in your browser for easy access. Purchases made through the normal Amazon page will not automatically donate to Catalyst — they must be made through the AmazonSmile page.

How to set it up on the Amazon app

  1. Download the Amazon Shopping app for iOS or Android

  2. Log into your account and go to the main menu (☰)

  3. Scroll down and go to Settings, then select AmazonSmile

  4. Hit the Turn on AmazonSmile button, then hit ‘Get Started’

  5. Follow the instructions to complete the setup. Be sure to add Catalyst Youth Network as your chosen charity!

Once you’re done, AmazonSmile will be active in the app and will donate automatically with all eligible purchases.

We’ve also made this short video to show you how to sign up using the Amazon app:

And that’s it! Thank you for your support — we truly appreciate it.

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